Motherhood & Balancing Two Beauty Businesses

Balancing motherhood with marriage and a professional business career is challenging regardless of the circumstances. Majority of Mothers are working mothers, but those who have their own business have an extra challenge in juggling their business and their family life because when you own a business, work does not finish at 5 pm.

When I started my bridal business ten years ago, the practice was my baby. We service over 300 wedding a year, offering bridal hair and makeup. I spend most of my time there, nurturing and caring for it, and I enjoy every bit of it. Over the years, I opened another business, a blowout bar. My new business is loaded into a massive college city (New Haven) where Yale is located. We’re the only blowout bar in New Haven at the moment. But when my daughter Isabelle came along, she was my new baby, and because as women, we have this innate longing to be and care for our baby and family. 

So, how, then, do I go about being an attentive parent while still balancing my work life? I’m sharing my top tricks and tips Monday. Stay tuned and check back!