Booking & Things to Know

The first step to booking with our company: 
Fill out a bridal party chart with our booking manager Ann! 

It is important to send this chart back to Ann quickly. Our wedding dates are first come first serve. 

The bridal party chart will be used for the creation of a contract and a transmittal form. 

The second step to the booking process is to book a trial. Trials are recommended 1-4 months prior to your wedding date. We book off 1 hour for hair (depending on hair length) and 1 hour for makeup. (This time applies for trials only). Please remember to arrive with a clean face and no product in your hair. We ask the same request for all bridal party members the day of the wedding.

It is typical for 90% of brides to have 1-3 trials. If you do decide you would like a second trial, to try a new look we charge a small fee of $35.

Once your trial is completed you will follow up with our booking manager to provide a finish time for the big day! Our professional team will pick a start time for you a week before the wedding. The Monday before the big day you will receive a transmittal sheet with a start time and the end time that you provided.

We do not create a customized schedule. We provide the start time and make sure to be completed by the requested end time. We assign the appropriate staff to meet your needs. We are proficient in helping you have a smooth and delightful bridal day experience.   

Here are a few great tips to ensure that your day operates super smooth:

Make sure all party members arrive at the given start time.

Communicate to all party members to arrive with a clean face and no product in hair. 

If getting a blowout, hair can be damp. 

If you are on the contract for an upstyle, please make sure your hair is not wet.

Please communicate to the bridal party members beforehand that lashes are not included in the makeup application. Lashes are an additional cost. 

Make sure each party member has at least 1-2 inspiration photo looks to show to our staff on hand. 

Last but not least, make sure to have fun! 

Also, friendly reminder. The default email that you communicate with is not Owner Andrea. You are communicating with our booking manager. If you have any direct questions for the owner please feel free to request her direct email.

Congratulations and don’t forget to have fun!