Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pop-Up Vintage Lip and Lash Studio 12/13 in New Haven at Trolley Square

On Friday, December 13th, Makeup by DiLieto will be at Trolley Square and we'll have a table set up offering products, gift certificates, and we'll have a Pop-Up Vintage Lip and Lash Studio, offering services.  It's at 1175 State Street.

You can check up on it by using the hashtag #holidayhaven on Twitter and Instagram. Here's the website.

There will be food trucks, crafts, local pastry makers, lots of vintage clothing, and beauty services (by us!)

Here are some of the most recent results from the #holidayhaven hashtag on Instagram.

Also, Whisk and Brush, a local baking company will be there.  We're excited about that.

#InstaYummy.  Can't wait to meet them.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Flapper Girl Makeup

By Michelle Phan.  I absolutely adore this line and this video.
What do you think about it?

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Best Way To Determine an Undertone

The best way to determine the undertone is to examine the palm of the hand and the first inch of the skin on the inside of the wrist. If the hands are pink, reddish or purplish and the veins on the wrist are blue then the undertone is cool. When the veins appear green or turquoise the undertone is warm. If you have a “cool” undertone then you should buy something like a taupe beige color and if you have a “warm” undertone then you should buy something like a tan ivory color.